Sometimes these Ditch doods put me on stage because they know i'm a STAR!!!!! Check out some pics. Tell me I'm not fly.

 Hellooooo why is Yannis Pappas name bigger than mine?

These people are about to meet the queen thats right!!!!! na saying

  Mi Gente

This is Angelo Lozada He's funny. I let him be on stage wit me

This my Cousin Sergio he's mad funny also. i guess talent runs in the family but he don't have charisma like me 

This Jessimae Peluso. She cute but she better not be catty with me though. I'll jack her jewlery

Yannis Pappas thinks this his show but he knows who the real star. Das it!!!!

Finally the star attraction. You like my dress that shit is classy.

Look people... the next Oprah. Das it!!!!

I almost had to slap this photographer! I told him no feet and he thought he was cute. He's lucky I'm a lady!

These the only Das it! shirts. don't buy some bootleg shit!!!